Thursday, March 10, 2011

*Last years birthday hurrah!*

Last year I had a birthday. It was fabulous and I'm not being sarcastic. My little sister came out here just to throw the birthday party and because I wanted and needed her at that time...and she did an amazing job. All my closest friends showed up and I just felt so loved. I would have posted these fun photos then, but a little over a week later, Nate died. they are now. Plus, this year I am not celebrating my birthday. I am NOT celebrating my birthday. I have been robbed and I want a few years back. So to protest, I'm going to be hiding under a rock...and throwing rocks (small ones) at anyone who wishes me a happy birthday. Mmmkay?

So here are a few photos from last year. Sadly I can't find most of them (The ones with most of my friends in them)...but I'm sure I will eventually and will post them later.

Ps. Do you see how sincere I look when I'm making a wish before I blow out my candles? The Lord has about two weeks to answer that wish. Do I believe he can do it? YES! But will he? I don't know. *Looking up at heaven and saying, "I deserve it!!!"* :D

Ps. That *MoonStar* was very special to me. It was not a lense flare. It looked like that without a camera. I felt so much peace when I saw it. I think that day and night strengthened and prepared me for a very painful few months that awaited me within days. Thank heavens for my friends and family. It was a great Birthday!
Pss. That is RUM cake! My favorite ever! And now it's my whole family's fave. :)