Saturday, March 19, 2011

*The light at the end of the tunnel...*

Dear Blog,

Need a new treat? I have the best one for you! I'm not a dark chocolate fan but these are Yummy yum yum! It's Brooksides Acia with Blueberry pieces, dipped in Dark Chocolate. (I think I said that right?! You'll see from the photo.) They only make one other kind, dark chocolate covered pomegranate pieces. I like them too. These are actually good for you...AND for adding a few pounds to your bum bum. *cough cough* ha! My mom found these at Costco and grabbed a couple bags. I was saved and saw the light at first bite! A little pricey but worth every dime! (Right mom? ;) The saddest part is that they are gone in a FLASH! Infact, the brand new bag from about 5 days ago? I just popped the last one in my mouth 1 minute ago. SADNESS! And now I'm done with them. I have to say goodbye. There is no buns of steel video here. It's just me, my amazing will power (ha!) and going back to the plan of less sugar in my diet. I've actually done well the past few months but once March hit, I got crazy. I can tell a big difference in the fatigue struggle that I already deal with daily, so it will be good to back off it and go back to "moderation in all things." *Fingers crossed* :)

Ps. I just read that they Goji fruit too! I have heard so many good things about it! Love to try the future. :)