Thursday, June 11, 2009


I would just like to share some of the styles that are TOTALLY in right now. I would know, because I always have style (T-shirts & jeans.) My favorite? "The Jumper"'m speechless. Okay, I do have one thing to say about looks like they have a saggy diaper or something.

Well, just thought I would quickly share some of the looks I'm LOVING. *wink* Sorry the pics not very big, it wouldn't enlarge...but you get the point, right?

FYI: The new colors for summer are BLUE & WHITE. Not light blue, not navy blue, not electric blue, but ROYAL blue.

UPDATE!!! My friend was kind enough to give me inside scoop on Fergie! Ahh snap! I knew it was a diaper!

"Fergie does need a diaper. She has been known to 'piss herself' on stage. Seriously. She peed her own pantalones. Too much meth she later reported."

K.E... thanx for the info! ;)

Question of the day: is it worse to tell people you pee on stage or that your a meth addict? Hmm...something to think about.