Thursday, June 04, 2009


So let's go back in time for a moment and hit up my journals again for some totally awesome entries. With my nephew graduating, I couldn't help but wonder what I wrote during that time in my life. Especially because I didn't graduate with my class. I graduated 2 months later. Here are a few excerpts,

May 31, 1992
"Today I'm getting ready to go on my Senior trip to Jackson Hole, Wy. I'm sooo excited! I hope everyone gets along & and are friends. I'm so excited! Also, in church we talked about going to young adult wards! It was weird! I still feel like a kid. I wish I never had to grow. I hate the word ADULT. But I have to say that I'm a little excited to try something new."

June 28, 1992
"Gosh! Once you leave High School it's almost like time doesn't matter anymore. To start off I think I should talk a little bit about graduation! It's a long story but to make it short, they wouldn't let me graduate with my class. I had to finish 3"target" tests and you can only do one a week. So I was short a credit. With the help of Heavenly Father and my family I was very comforted. We went shopping instead."

Bah hahhahahh There are so many things that make me laugh about this, but my favorite line was "I hate the word ADULT!" :)

I never really cared that I didn't graduate with my class. My parents were worried that I would regret it all my life. Yeah, right! I cared more about what boys were going to be at the all-nighter at the Orem Rec Center than standing in a line for hours waiting for someone to hand me a piece of paper. That's how I rolled then and how I still roll. :)

Peace out and Happy Graduation to my nephew, Nash! He's such a stud! Here's a picture of him and his mom (my sis)
ps. I later wrote that my trip to Jackson Hole was REALLY DUMB. So much for all the "excitment" I wrote about. ha!