Saturday, June 13, 2009


As it's raining, thundering and lightning outside right now, I was contemplating that getting struck by lightning would be the koolest way to in death. I know it sounds morbid, but come on...think about it.

"Our beloved sister, daughter, cat lady and friend was taken back to her heavenly home (or hell) by a lighting strike right to the heart er head. May she rest in peace...rock on sweet rocker!"

Actually I kind of feel like I have been struck by lighting. ECT (Electric shock therapy) shocked my brain SIXTEEN TIMES! Isn't it kind of the same thing? The worst part is that my brain is now half dead. I think I might have been shocked as a kid too. I have a "Harry Potter" scar on my chin. A perfect lightning bolt. My mom say's I fell out of shopping cart when I was 3 and the teeth went right through. It sounds fishy to me. Like any mom is going to admit that she let her kid outside during a lighting storm to swing on the metal swings... and the next thing you know, the kid comes in with smoke coming out of her mouth, hair standing on end and a lightning scar on her chin. I think It makes for a much better story.

Well...there really is no point to this blog other than there is a lightning storm outside and I thought I would document it. I also thought I really do think it would be a kool way to bite the dust.

ps. I found this killer photo of lightning I wanted to share. I found it on a google search...rad!
pss. Here is my Harry Potter scar. I have to kind of bite my lip for people to see it and it's much better in person. But sometimes people gasp because they actually think I am Harry's identical.