Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I can't believe I've taken so long to post the photoz from the Travis concert. I seriously think it's in the top 5 favorite moments in my life of all time! To have my little sister Jen come from Las Vegas (I told her that's all I wanted for my birthday from her...ha!)my older sis, my best friend Christine, and my rockin' niece Tiff. We seriously had the time of our lives! We were front row (of course) and sang and sang and jumped up and down! Travis puts on an amazing show. I couldn't believe that this band who can and does fill stadiums in the UK were here in a small venue in Utah and they were right in front of me. I have loved this band for years, they make me so happy! All of us left with the happiest feelings in our hearts and even Jen who hadn't been to a concert like this in years, (because she's married and busy with her 3 little ones) could barely sleep that night as she thought of how amazing it was. :) They are a very HAPPY band and they really do make people happy.

Truly a night to remember. I didn't take my camera on purpose. I wanted to just enjoy it! But my sis brought hers and thank heavens! I got a few sweet shots so we will never forget that night. I kept forgetting to turn on her flash and some of the best photos were hard to salvage since they were black. ha! Anyhow...it was just a once in a lifetime experience...and I wouldn't have rather been with anyone on earth but my best friends!