Sunday, June 07, 2009


So I am totally in love with the online story, Etsy. Everything is homemade or vintage.
And during those times of Insomnia when I have already read, written, played on the computer, taken photos of something in my house, and so on...I finally can't stand the idea of just staring at the wall... so I usually turn to Etsy. It is my guilty pleasure. I could spend hours looking at all the creative things that people make! I'm so impressed and have added tons of things to my "favorites" list. And usually buy the end of my online looking, I have purchased at least one thing. One of the beauties of this online store is that people keep their products at a more affordable price. Here are a few recent finds that I bought all together under 100 dollars. Yay for Etsy!

1- Lots of new material...not sure what I'm going to use it for, but I like it a lot!
2- A new journal...I haven't bought one in over a year! It's time to start one up again and I love this one.
3- A necklace with my initial and birthstone on it.
4- Orange creamsicle flavored fudge! YUM!!!!!
5- The cutest Apron ever! I'm actually going to wear it as a skirt for summer! :)
6- Orange and yellow flower/beaded necklace. I saw a yellow one similar at J-Crew a few months back and turned it down when I saw the price. This one was less than half of what the J-Crew one cost. So cute!
7- And for those who know me know I love cards/stationary! I loved these one's with the VW bug on them. :)