Tuesday, June 02, 2009

*WORDS OF WISDOM # Eleventy Billion*

Today I was talking with my little sister and as most converstations, they can lead from one topic to the next. How we got on the subject of jealousy is not note worthy...but what came out of it was were thoughts of truth that I found myself pondering about tonight.

It all started in the pre-existance when Lucifer who was considered "The Sun/son of the morning" became jealous of Jesus. That was the very thing that caused the war in heaven. And it is the very thing that causes wars on earth and in the hearts of the people. My younger sister reminded me today of a talk she heard by Ed J. Pinegar (a favorite teacher of both of ours) he stated something to the effect of this,

"The only TRUE & FAITHFUL antidote to overcoming any form of jealousy is LOVE."

And may I add a reminder that an antidote is a remedy to counteract the effects of poison. Jealousy is poison...and it can be as cruel as the grave. It can fester inside ones soul and become as black as tar. It may start out as just a tad bit of tomfoolery and then soon it can spread to unrealistic thoughts, malicious anger and a pounding persitance that you deserve to feel the way you feel. It can consume ones time and thoughts to the point where it has made a mountain out of a molehill. I cannot deny that I have felt these feelings at various moments in my life, I think everyone has. But I always try to realize and remind myself that the key really is LOVE. I've seen firsthand how love can change even the hardest heart. I could give some examples but I think that deep in your own hearts you will feel exactly where there might be a paticular instance or problem in which love could be the answer for you. A dear friend recently said to me, "When I feel jealous of someone, I make them my friend" I love that.

With the help of the spirit and LOVE we can rid ourselves and our lives of jealousy.

Just something to think about. ;)