Sunday, May 22, 2011

*17 Miracles*

I don't care what you belive in, what religion you are, if you believe in religion, if you believe in God or not. What I do care about are people who stand for something. When I watched this small movie trailer I was filled with respect and gratitude and received fresh courage as I thought about people like them. My own ancestors gave up everything because they believed in something GOOD! They followed their hearts despite what ANYONE thought. They lost friends and family who thought they were crazy and couldn't believe they would let them go for something they believed in. I LOVE these kind of people. I've read alot about world war 2 over the years...I've felt a kinship with the Jewish people for some reason. And as I read of the evil and heart wrenching things those beloved men, women, and children went through I almost couldn't bare it. But their stories gave/give me strength to keep going. I feel grateful that there are still many people who are willing to give everything to follow their hearts. My heroes include people from all walks of life. Stories of survival and courage get me through my darkest hours. And truly no tongue can tell their stories. But I hold on to them in my heart and I keep pushing through my own darkness. I believe in miracles and am constantly pleading for my own 17. ;) To be honest, I'll take one!

"Something extraordinary is about to happen." Let it be!