Sunday, May 08, 2011

*Where is your home?*

This last week I was thinking about the places I've lived over the years and how I've missed each one for different reasons. 3 out of 5 stuck out. My childhood home. Oh how I loved it! I still miss it. We moved when I was 16. Same with my home in Orem , I loved it! It was at the mouth of Provo canyon and talk about a room with a view. And finally I had my own home for 7 years in Lehi which I have very much missed lately. Now I live in a beautiful little apartment attached to my mothers home...I do like it but it doesn't completley feel like home..."something" is missing. There is such a difference between a house and a home. The difference can be various things, for me it's mostly a sense of peace and safety...a refuge. The truth is, that home is love. That's my feeling. When someone has the ability to make you feel safe and secure, loved in all the right ways, and brings you peace, you are home. The focus on having a big house/exspensive lifestyle is rampant in our society, but what goes on inside that house seems to be of little importance and takes a backseat. A society where spending more time on making money has become more important than making and KEEPING a home full of love. It's so disheartening to watch families fall apart because they have lost their perspective. The small and simple things that bring about great things, are put off. Along with my own family who have taught me so much and whom I love dearly, I also have a second family. My best friends family. (I lucked out and am so grateful to have two great families). I have spoken of them on my blog before, but let me retell a few things that go along with what I'm saying.

I met the Haskin family at age 15. They lived in a small and simple home in Northern California. The first day I stepped in their doors I felt the spirit of the Lord. It was so tangible! I felt so I could kick my shoes off and go lay on the couch. It also felt like a soothing balm on my personal wounds. I soon found out that the great love for eachother and God (a must combination) that was in that home was what brought that feeling. A husband and wife who had been married over 40 years at that time and were still madly in love with eachother. They had raised 10 children 4 of which were still at home. I watched them closely and became aware that the keys were Love, laughter, courtesy, encouragment, gratitude, lots of affection, and most importantly it was a family that included the Lord in everything. That night I was there for their nightly family prayer. They knelt down in the family room and I listened to a loving father pray over his children, he thanked the Lord for his precious wife and for the blessings they were given. He asked for protection against the world and over their home. He expressed how proud he was of his children and prayed they would feel loved, that they would be lead by the spirit and that the dreams of their hearts would come true. :) (He's a total romantic...he gets so excited when his children are in love :) I loved it! And I was deeply touched. I plead with the Lord in my own heart that someday I would have this for myself...and I will. BTW, Dad Haskin still say's, almost every time I see him, "Kim, we love you and are so happy when you come over, we consider you a part of our family and I pray the Lord will bless you and your dreams will come true." He switches it up now and then but it's so sweet. To some it seems it's too good to be true, but I'm a witness of it and have seen it in other homes too. These words should ring true in every home and every heart,


We live in a world where the next generation of children MUST be raised in two parent homes with this kind of love and safety. This world is growing worse by the minute...full of caos and vile evils...they need to know who they are and where to turn. The should be able to come home from the world to a haven where they are taught of our Savior and that they feel their parents love for eachother and them. Then to help them to have a desire to have Heavenly Father lead them, guide them, and walk beside them. To teach them that He really is the most important person in their lives and to follow in the steps of their brother Jesus and make Him their best friend.

It all starts with finding your first home...your companion. When the Lord said, "It isn't good for man to be alone." he wasn't kidding. It's true also when they say that "Home is where your heart is" Where's your heart? Or where does it want to be? The answer is always HOME. Don't be deceived. Find your home and then build one. :) If you have one, make sure they know their loved, fight for them! Fight for your home.

My thoughts over the week and this little song, inspired this blog. I know there are probably 100 typos but you get the drift. I'll fix them later...I'm tired but first I'm going to go pray for my home. :)

Ps. How can I not mention our eternal home? I'm homesick for it all the time. But heaven can wait.

Christina Perri~ Arms