Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*Little Saviors On Mount Zion*

I'm in the darkest hours of my entire life so far, and God sent me these angels. I may not be a mother in the worlds eyes, but I take being an aunt to these angels very seriously, as serious as a mother does. From the oldest Dallas, who is 26 to our newest baby Oli...they are my only heart strings that have not been broken. They are little Saviors on mount Zion, they are saturdays warriors, they are the last swallow of my "cup of hope." I love you Dallas, Tiffany, Kristiina, Taylor, Chaz, Nash, Zaxter, Jaxton, Kaul, Bleu, Henley and baby Oli. May our Heavenly Father bless you and may you follow the great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, all your days. I believe in you!

Thank you for this video my dear sister Jen...it was a healing balm on a shattered heart.