Sunday, May 29, 2011

*Dear Joe...Congratulations!*

My brother in-law of almost 9? years just graduated from Endo school in California. This put him at about 6 years of Dental school. I am so proud of him and Jen and the life they built going through school and raising a family of now four. :) I just wanted to write a few things about Joe.

1- I didn't really like Joe at first. He teased me and called me "Boo Radley" because of the amount of time I was in my room. Now there were more than one reason, but who wants to listen to their sister and her boyfriend smooching and being all lovey dovey?! NOT ME! But then one day I heard my sister laugh the way she did when she was little and something changed in me instantly. I knew he was her sweetheart...he had made her truly happy and I began to love him as a brother and a new member of our family.

2- Joe truly loves my sister and has been a great support to her. The girl who I prize above the riches of the earth. He is a great husband. Soft spoken and kind, always willing to help with anything, so fun, and truly loves my sister with all his heart. I have NEVER heard him raise his voice. Only a couple times when he needed to defend someone he loved and maybe a few other times that I have missed out on. ha! He and Jen are equal partners and I love and admire that.

4- He loves his children and they know it! When he comes home he always reaches to my sister and gives her a kiss and then he asks where his kids are out loud and the kids come running to him. The song "I'm so glad when daddy comes home...glad as I can be." applies so well. It is a beautiful thing. Sadly, rare in our world.

5- He is so damn funny! His dance moves could give Napoleon Dynamite a run for his money. He makes me laugh so hard and whenever he see's that my sister needs a good laugh, he is quick to provide. We love the funny things he does.

6- He rarely if ever complains. If my sister asks him to help her, he always says "Sure babe!" Or "You bet!"...even if I can see that he is dead tired.

7- Now here is a personal one for me. When I came out of ECT...or maybe it was before ECT? (who knows! ECT fried my brain) I was laying on my back in my bed and for some reason Jen and Joe were staying at my house. Thinking all were asleep I began to cry. I was in terrible pain and actually I remember it hurt to basically it was a whimper. My brother in law walked in the room and knelt by my bedside. He quietly said, "Kimmy, would you like a blessing?" and I nodded Yes. He proceeded to bless me and I don't remember a single word he said. But I remember that he cried with me and his voice choked with emotion. I felt his tears fall on my head and at that moment I knew he truly cared about me and it hurt him to see me suffer. That moment can never be erased not even by a fried brain. ;)

Joe, you have worked so hard amongst great opposition. I wish I could have been there to cheer for you as you walked across the stage for the 2nd time. You know that next to Jen, I am your greatest cheerleader and you are one of my greatest heros. I can't see you as a bright star in the sky that just twinkles. But a shooting star that blazes across the sky for all to see! You and Jen deserve to fly and you have earned the blessings that are coming for you. I wish you happiness in the field of work that you love. I wish you peace and that the stresses of life might settle for a season of peace and true happiness. But most of all...I hope you make a butt load of money! hahah You deserve it!!! Rock on sweet rocker! I sure love you.

Love, your sister in-law,

KiM aka Boo Radley

Ps. Behind every great man is a great woman. You and I both know who that woman is...ME. hahahha jk, my beloved Jen. ;)
BTW, these photos were all taken in 2007. His first graduation...just incase you didn't know. :)