Saturday, May 07, 2011


I was on a few days before Easter and watched this little video. My heart was warmed and comforted over my personal trials and I was reminded of what the Savior really did for mankind...for me. I am reminded even now, that I must work harder to read of Him, think of Him, and believe Him. For me, it's not to believe in Him, because I do. But for me to BELIEVE that he will come through for me. In the garden of gethsemene he cried out "Abba!" Which is the Aramic word for Daddy. I don't know how that makes you feel, but it takes on a whole new meaning for me of who our Heavenly Father really is. He is our daddy. An affectionate and more personal word that an innocent child cries out in trust when is he scared or afflicted..."Daddy". Many times I have thought of this and have come closer to Him as I realize that the ONE great constant in the universe, is the unfailing love of the Savior. When everyone else fails you, especially if it's your own family...HE will not. And when we sometimes feel like he is not there...He is. This video is beautiful and I bare my witness that the atonement is real and it is there for many reasons, one of which is to heal hearts. He suffered the pains of ALL mankind that we might not suffer to those bitter depths. He is our brother and we have a Father...Abba...a daddy who loves us. When we do our fathers will and He did, we will find that peace that surpasses all understanding.