Wednesday, May 25, 2011

*Sylvian Vales*

Poem read at the U2 360 tour in SLC UTAH May 24, 2011

Beautiful! It's exactly how I feel about my state.

~Poem written by Minnie Hardy

Utah I’m glad to be here where the mountains rise
Dazzling white ‘neath the clear blue skys
From crimson dawn ’til the dear day dies
Way out west in Utah.

Where the mountain air is pure and sweet,
Where fresh, cool water flows down the street
And the climate! Friend, it can’t be beat;
Delightful, magnificent Utah.

God made Utah and He made it grand,
The beauty spot of His glorious land,
Where plenty supplies with a generous hand
All of our needs and wants in Utah.

Mighty mountains, sylvian vales,
Picturesque canyons and rugged trails,
Joy’s your companion, health never fails,
Happiness dwells in Utah.